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How to hide QlikViews in AccessPoint?


We have some qlikviews that will be accessed directly via the URL of its AJAXZFC document. These documents are loaded and distributed via Publisher.

We don't want that these QlikViews are visible in the AccessPoint for anybody. They have to be accessed only via the URL.

Do you know how to do it?

Kind regards,


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I have been searching for an answer to this issue and came across this old posting.

Has anyone found a neat solution?

Presumably AccessPoint points to a 'root' directory. Is it possible to keep other QV documents in another folder and just transfer them when they are to be available from Access Point ?

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Hi Joaquim

As far as I know, root folder will always be browsable, so if u have apps there, they will be on the access point. If u don´t want it to be like that, change the folder.

Most of the time when we create apps, we make extraction folder, transformations folder unbrowsable, and we set the dashboard to root folder or another folder but browsable.

I´ll load an image of itas an example.



Hi Nelson

Thanks so much for your reply which is exactly the answer I need. Its simple when you know how, but I do not think it is so clear in the documentation

Best wishes

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Not a problem, and yes, sometimes u have to dive into your system to find out what´s going on and into the community as well. I believe that this is the best way to learn, practicing.



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It follows ACL structure, if you have root C:\Documents\Root

And then add a mount as C:\Documents\Root\AnotherFolder and the idea is not to show these docs, it wont work, it inherits rights.

So as Nelson pointed out, create a structure that do not include root folder path

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hi Johannes,

when you say change file permission on Films.qvw

i want to know where to do it in QEMC or where?

I want to  hands on this ..please please can you make me learn by few

snap shots that how you do like step by step procedure to accomplish what you are trying to explain?