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Contributor III

Internal Inconsistency, General exception detected (Simple Request)

Hi there,

We've had some instability in our environment today and I'm trying (and failing) to find a root cause.  At 4:30PM (which is a fairly quiet time of day), we had the QVS restart with the below error message. 

Server Started Timestamp SeverityID EventID Severity Message SessionId 
20210406T114213.000+02004/6/2021 16:301300ErrorRestart: Server aborted trying to recover by restart. Reason for restart: Internal inconsistency, general exception detected (Simple Request).0


According to the list here:

This "Simple Request" error is some sort of generic bucket that could mean any number of issues.  In any event, I've tried the following:

  • We have Performance Monitor logging CPU and Memory every 5 seconds and it reports that CPU and Memory were running normally at this time.
  • The event logging leading up to the crash don't have any useful indication of what the cause might be
  • We have QIX logging enabled, but I can't see any clear cause of the issue in the QIX logging

Is there anything I can do to help find a root cause?  I'm running Qlikview 12.5 SR3.  The crashes generate a crashdump file, but it's extremely difficult to get crashdump files checked by Qlik


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Hi Nathan,

These types of issues are very difficult to troubleshoot without looking at the logs, and you should of course not share logs here.

Make sure that the logging verbosity level for the QVS is set to high, if it is not you probably won't get enough information.

I would also check the windows logs for the time of the crash.

If you keep having this problem I recommend that you log a case with support so we can help you further.





you solve the issue? we have the same problem