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Is it possible to use QV Personal Edition in a VDI Corporate Environment

I would like to use QV Personal Edition to create a sample document/dashboard to show management the power of Qlikview. The one problem I am having is that we use a Virtual Desktop solution that generates a new "image" each time we log-in. This new image seems to be resting the QV Liscense Key every time I log-in, so I cannot keep anything longer than my current session.  I really look forward to knowing if there is a workaround or established solution.


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first of all, you can use QV Personal Edition to create any sample documents, or even production documents. You can't open existing documents, created by others.

If you have a local QV license key, you need to ask your IT to create your own image that includes the license. Otherwise, you'll have to apply license every time you log in, and that, I agree, is quite annoying...

Another possible solution is to add logic to the notwork script that is used when you log in, and populate the LEF file automatically. I haven't tried it myself, so I'm walking on a shaky ground here, but I think this can be done...


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