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License Model: Session vs Named

We have mixed audience. Some are heavy Qlikview users and few visit once in blue moon. We would like to analyze who are frequent and causal users.. Can some one please guide or help with tool so we can analyze from logs to get these stats from log files.


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Here some answers...

Can someone explain how does Named CALs & Session CALs works? - In details

Basically a named CALS is one user/machine that can open as many sessions (applications) as they want without even being denied access. To reassign a named CALs you have to wait 24 hours after its last use. They can be assigned dynamically, which means that if a user enters and there is an unused named CAL then the user will be assiged that named CAL. You can also assign them dynamically.

A session CAL is when one anonymous user enters one session. It is only given if the user doesn't have a named CAL and can't be assigned one dynamically. The session CAL is freed up after the user closes the session.

We know that once Named cals is up, session cals will be used? but how?

The process is automatic. QlikView searches first for a named CAL, then a session CAL and then a Usage CAL (See reference manual for more information on Usage CAL)

Says i have 10 named cals, 3 session cals.

20 users are given access to QV apps, but not all users have been connected.

So, what will happen when 10 users connnected to QV server and start using the appl?

If you dynamically assign the named CALs then they will assigned Named CALs

and what will happen to the 11th connected user?

The user will be assigned a session CAL automatically

i saw there's some panel in QVEM, that we can assigned cals, but this can be manual or automatic or dynamic (if we checked the box). as soon as a user is connected, they will be assigned name cals, then i also see the x button, when u click it, it says quarantined until a certain time. what does it mean?

If you try to free up a named CAL before 24 hours has past since its last use, the named CAL is put in quarantine, which means that the user can no longer use it and you have to return to delete it manually after the time is up or it will be deleted when QV Server is restarted.

is session cals something we can manually assign to some user? or it just happens automatically?

Session cals cannot be assigned. This will happen automactically.

and base on the number of users - 20, i obviously do not have enough lic? or i have? knowing that they will not all connect at the same time?

The most frequent setup is that your named CALs are for your most frequent or most important users and then you can estimate 1 session CALs for every 10 infrequent users. This estimate can be different depending on how infrequent.

and will name cals expired? after a certain period? or it's the session cals that will expire?

The licenses never expire. You just have to pay maintainance to receive technical support and upgrades.


Hi Faisal

You may consider the below links that analyze your server log and provides an excellent dash board including users usage

Governance Dashboard

system monitor