QlikView Application: System Monitor v5.1.23

    New - Version 5.1.23 (posted 9/25/2014)


    ***added workaround for "UserAgent" bug where condition is not met but QV reads the Else field anyways

    ***Edited expressions for TotalMaxCalsInUse charts to reflect max of cluster, not sum of nodes

    ***Corrected QDS variable typo in script


    This app was created by Michael Terenzi of QlikView Support, and has a number of new



    New Features:

    • Includes Salesforce Connector and SAP Connector
      logging integration
    • Includes Offline Client logging integration
    • Includes Windows OS Event Application/System/Security
      logging integration (see instructions)
    • Specify how many days’ worth of logs you want to
      retrieve (default is 30 days)
    • Hyperlinks added to data tables so you can quickly
      link an error message to either Salesforce Help (SF Connector messages), EventID.net
      (Windows logs include event and source automagically in URL), and QlikCommunity
      for all others. Now if you get “Invalid Query Locator” error from the
      Salesforce logs, you get sent to the right place to find out why.
    • Added capability for DD/MM/YYYY  webserver logs to be picked up for those of
      you with different time formatting (see instructions)


    Previous additions:

    • Optimization – CPU, Table structure
    • New UI (simpler, easier interface)
    • Supports up to 10 QVS nodes
    • Supports up to 2 QDS instances (will read as a "node" but is really an entire resource)
    • Shared file corruption detection (only on builds 11440+ ....please contact Support if you encounter the alert)
    • Analyze concurrency trends over the hour or the minute, even with Performance logging turned off!
    • Includes Deployment Framework integration (by Magnus Berg)
    • Includes Scalability Center Environmental Analytics (see attachments and please email them your results!)
    • Only includes support for QV 11
    • Removed HTTP ERROR, QMS Audit logging due to time constraints


    Instructionsfor use:

    • Verify your logs are in the default locations and adjust as needed in the Setup tab
    • Save and reload!
    • For custom/enterprise environments, Clear Defaults (button) in Setup tab and enter Required Components
    • Must be running on QV 11 and must have QVS Event logs to run bare bones



    • Archive your logs and stow them away if not necessary for your analysis. Webserver/IIS logs have the potential to greatly increase table sizes, so limit your source data if possible to optimize performance
    • When navigating to the Troubleshooting tab you will need at least 2 gb RAM on your machine with the sample data (sorry )
    • Over time you are looking at potentially millions and millions of records. Don't be a hoarder!
    • QV10 is not supported, especially on the Publisher side. Feel free to try your luck if necessary.