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Named Cal converts to Personal Edition while starting a document

Hi all,

we are facing an annoying problem for quite some time and can't find a solution.

At the moment we have 20 Named Cal of which 13 are in steady use (the others are assigned to users who do not have a client installed on their computer yet).

Dynamic CAL assignment is activated and user are identified by their names and not by machines. Our users only access one qvw via a client installed on their personal computer. They open the qvw-file from a network-drive and not via "Open from Server" as this option has an impact on the performance of the dashboard.

10 of our active user never had any problems. The other 3 loose their Named Cal again and again without any obvious reason. They can for example work with QV in the morning and everything is ok. If they try to open QV again at noon they can't open their qvw-file because they do not have a license anymore but are switched back to a personal edition.

If you take a look into their settings.ini stored on the C: drive of their computers they should have a valid license for 30 days as they just leased a new license in the morning.

Has anyone ever had a problem like this? We have no idea why this happens and why it is only happening to a few of our users.

Thanks and best regards,


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In regards to the license switching, make sure the user is properly identified in the computer, meaning that it's the same user all the time and that QlikView Desktop is not run with escalated privileges (for example).

Make sure in the QMC (QEMC in version 10 or previous) that both Allow License Lease and Dynamic License Assignment are allowed.

Hope that helps.


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Hi Miguel,

thanks for your answer. Allow License Lease and Dynamic License Assignment are allowed.

Our users log on with their username and password so they should be identified. As far as I know QV Desktop is started normal.

Could it have something to do with the client authentification? QMC --> System --> Setup --> Security.

In our QMC "Allow anonymous" is checked. Would it make a difference if we change it to "Prohibit anonymous"?

To be true I am not sure if it is a server issue at all. If it was a server issue I would have expected that all our users experience this problem. But if there are only a few users for me it looks rather like a problem with their client.

Thanks and BR,