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No "Login failed" message at AccessPoint

Hey all,

Recently we have updated our Qlikview servers to SR2, but now when you login with f.e. a wrong password the "login failed" box does NOT appear, where it would appear before the update. This can be quite annoying as you don't see that you're not logging on, the AccessPoint just does nothing. After using the correct login it will work just fine but it would be nice to get a message that something went wrong with the login.

I could not find out why this is, or where I should change this. Does anyone have a clue where to look?

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i'm using QV 11.20 sr13 and have same issue. if input wrong login or password not showing any error message.

no matter how many times I did not enter the data - to no avail. no error message


If you are using the default login page, then the login is a browser-only affair. The login prompt is generated by the browser because it receives a challenge request from the web server. This type of login never complains, just repeats the same login dialog over and over again.without any message whatsoever about what went wrong last time. Nothing to be done about that.

The login prompt disappearing after the first unsuccesful attempt is another story. What Login Address were you using before the upgrade? Has it changed after the upgrade?



with default login page everything clear.

but i'm try do it on other Qlikview 12 sr2 server with Login page. try enter wrong credentials  and see repeats the same login dialog over and over again without any message


any solution about this?