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Contributor III
Contributor III

Not Able to Load More than two documents

This is related to no of documents in D:\Data\QlikViewDocuments. Right now I am able to Load 2 documents . I want to add few more documents to this folder as i have more applications coming .

I am using named CAL liscences . In QMC its displaying "Max number of allowed documents loaded by QlikView Server: 2 " .

Using QEMC , I have changed it to 8 (I have 8 CPU on server ) .But Its not reflecting in QMC .And I am not able to schedule or access the 3rd....document .

How can I change this and deploy more application in directory .

Very Urgent , please help
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Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III


I agree with Miguel, Check with sale rep for the licenses. I think this is a community licenses.

2 doc 100 user or 1 doc 100 user kind of scenario (just a gues).

Check the LEF file . Last tab of QMC. add the snap shot we might be able to tell you no licenses you have.



For what it's worth, QlikView is quite flexible in regards to licenses, meaning "almost anything is possible". There are basically three Server licenses I won't explain in depth, since they are documented in the Server Reference Manual, and is always yoru Sales rep who is supposed to have the most accurate and up to date information. They are the Small Business Edition (SBE), Information Access Server (IAS) and Enterprise Edition (EE). But what is really important here is that there have been several changes (and big ones) regarding licensing from version 8.5 to 9.

For any commercial reason I cannot think of, you may have a license that allows several users but few documents to be loaded, as a reminiscence of an old license not updated, or did in purpose, because of the price, usage or whatever. I asked about the IAS because they usually are intended to deployments with few documents, and because in general, there are no document limitation in the current licensing scheme (versions 9 and 10). Of course, it may be anything else.