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Creator II
Creator II

PDF distribution - data explosion

When using the PDF-distribution module, I have noticed that for every loop and reduce a file called document.qvw is stored in a temp-folder.

The file is by default stored in a sub-folder to C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\DistributionService\1\temp.

I my case I would like to e-mail a report from a qvw document and loop and reduce on a field separated from the data-model (an island table). So when the loop and reduce is executed, the amount of data will be almost the same for each loop.

The file is almost 1 GB and since I have about 200+ reacceptance, the QDS will create files of total 200GB for each time I Execute this task!

  1. Can the document.qvw file in the temp-folder being automatic deleted during the loop and reduce?
  2. When does the QDS clean up the temp-folder?

A work around could be creation of a special data-model for this purpose to lower the amount of data, but that is a lot of work


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Master II
Master II

Henrik, I don't have an answer for you but I believe QV11 does not work with the entire document each time, so that might work better, you should try that.

Another idea might be to split the task, have two documents with 100 users each, do one loop & reduce, delete temp files and do the other one.

Creator II
Creator II

I'm working on QlikView 11, the latest release.

I have thougt about delting the temp-files, but instead of creting a new workarund that I need to deal with in future upgrades, I'm looking for a standard feature.

It looks like a undocumented area.