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Problems with SR7 9.0.7808.9

Installed SR7 9.0.7808.9. Problems with section access on NT Name (different for users names in capital or lower characters).

Some selections not working. Macro errors. Loosing connection. Strange screens.

Re-installed 9.0.7778.9. Now it is back to normal.

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What is the version of client ?.

is it same or different ?.

if it is different then you can see this types of strange behaviour.

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The version of the client is different.

Our users work with Qlikview on Windows 2000 Terminal Servers, Internet Explorer 6 (latest version for Windows 2000) and an IE Plugin client.

I now Windows 2000 / Internet Explorer 6 is not supported. Anyway it worked till SR5 9.0.7502.8. This is our current IE Plugin client. In our environment we can not open any application with the IE Plugin SR6 or SR7.