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QMC creating multiple sessions for a single user when a document is opened

Hi All,

In QV statistics, i can see multiple sessions of same document under a user even when a single instance of the document is opened in their desktop. this is affecting server performance and CPU utilization nears 100 percent. Please help. This started happening very recently. Allow only one copy of document in memory option is also checked. Still no change. The dashboard itself doesn't open for the particular user, it just shows loading. the same dashboard opens for other users without any problem.

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Possibly a network stability problem for this user, causing drop outs and reconnects with a new session state. The orphan sessions should time out eventually, but until they do, the server will show multiple instances. This has nothing to do with the load one copy checkbox.

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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

You did not state what version you are running?  If you are not on the latest SR for the major release track you are running, that is the first recommendation I would make.  I have seen this issue, but as far as I am aware, we have not been able to replicate things to the point to find a root problem as yet.  The issue seems to only occur when an environment is very very busy, i.e. the QVS.exe process is pretty much pegging out all the cores on the server for minutes etc.  From past experience, sometimes just restarting the QVWS service where it is our web server or IIS/Settings service may clear things too, but the sessions that have been created will have to timeout before they disappear unless you do a QVS service restart.  About the best I have for the moment, shout if you have further questions, but you can definitely open up a support case, as I am pretty sure we have some cases with R&D already, so we should be able to link your case etc.  Sorry I do not have anything better for you at the moment.


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