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QVS disconnecting after scheduled Qlikview tasks run

Hey all, this is a weird one.  I can temporarily get all the QV Server services back running after uninstall/reinstall, and I can run around allocating licenses, schedule reload tasks for documents, interact with things on the accesspoint web portal and have a jolly good time.

And when I come back in the morning, I can STILL play around on the AccessPoint documents, and see they all successfully reloaded overnight while nobody was here.

But then when I go on to the server environment, the Qlikview Management console shows the QVS@ server is disconnected while the other services still show as running in QVMC.  The documents and Assigned Cal pages are blank though.  But I can still see the documents when I do the 'open in server' bit from QV Desktop on my local computer.

In the logs, I see Authentication something is empty but required ==2 piled up around the same time the scheduled tasks were running.  And while the tasks all completed over the system's objections, the QVS shows as disconnected and I'm missing functionality in the QVMC afterwards.

The new Anti Virus software was put in troubleshoot mode for a couple days to try to rule it out, but one of it's learning/monitoring services was still running during the troubleshoot mode so I'm suspicious of that.  AV Admin says he's not seeing any detections or blocking actions in the AV software's logs either way. (I think I'd need to uninstall the AV to 100% confirm it's not the culprit, but I lack the requisite jedi master persuasive powers. I've also been told the whitelists and exclusions feature are only needed for trusted things that show up on its detection logs because the AV is unlike traditional AV and not mentioned by name in Qlik's support about AV.)

The service account itself is years old and stable, has all the admin and qv admin permissions it needs, and the QV server license itself is active for the current year.

There was an internal company security question about the fact our QV server is 12.2 November 2017 no longer supported, but Qlik Support says they have no code that would actually make it stop or die of old age.  I get all the functionality back when I uninstall/reinstall. and just lose a portion of it again when I go to QVMC after scheduled tasks run themselves.  I am about to go ahead and jump to 12.6 QV Server, but if this is a weird system/company/windows/policy/AV/something else issue that just doesn't want to let scheduled tasks run, it'll probably mess with 12.6 scheduled tasks too.

I'm pretty sure none of the company people cloned our server and/or have a second instance of Qlikview Server running on another machine.  I asked a team to confirm that for me and told them to uninstall QV server from the other machine if such exists, and will hear back from them on Monday.

Another security team did put our service accounts on a 'deny interactive' group about the same time the other group was changing the AV software, but they moved them back out of that group after a hundred hours of security audits and vp signature.

So.. any ideas about which of the above or other kind of chef in my server kitchen could be causing the QVS to show disconnected in QVMC after scheduled tasks run?


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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Let me know when you got an answer or a solution from here.





I just saw that I had written a reply to this, but I never sent it. Did you figure out what the issue was?




This is not something I ever heard before. It is not enough to restart the server, you actually have to reinstall?


This sounds environmental  . I think this needs some more clarification from your IT. 


I've also been told the whitelists and exclusions feature are only needed for trusted things that show up on its detection logs because the AV is unlike traditional AV and not mentioned by name in Qlik's support about AV."


Can IT provide any type of info if there anything reported/done by the AntiVirus at the time of the reloads? You can check in the logs when communication breaks down.


I agree that a Upgrade probably wont fix this, but I would still very much recommend to upgrade to a supported version. 


Contributor III
Contributor III

Appreciative for sharing such mind blowing information.