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QlikView Server - Quarantine question

Hi, Just a quick question about CALs and quarantine. I have users who accessed the system once and will not need to again. When I click to delete/deallocate their license, some have gone altogether but some has come up as quarantined. I can't find the rules for the quarantine in the manual, which doesn't really mention the issue.

Can someone tell me the rules - is it related to the user's last time of access (and this is why some just went, because they hadn't accessed recently enough to need quarantining)? I do understand the reasons for having this feature and I'm not questioning that. Basically I'm writing notes for our support guys and I want to be clear on the consequences of them kicking the wrong users and how they can tell.



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Hi, I had the same issue... Neither Doc Cal or NamedCal are not deallocated after 24 hours?? Brijesh

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I am having the same issue but none of my documents have doc cals assigned yet it still shows that all 20 are assigned.  it has been over 24 hours since this happened and no luck.  I restarted services, nothing!  Frustrating.  Any solution?


Hi Debbie,

I would contact support and have them take a look at this. If you delete a document that have doc Cals assigned to it you will not recover this licenses without a little extra work.


Bill - Designated Support Engineer at Qlik
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Have you tried using the command line tool by Rikard Braathen? (he works for qlik)

It helps with the removement step in automating reassignment of cals. A daily or weekly scheduled task in windows seems like a good idea.

You still need to wait for the quarantine time to pass though.

braathen/qv-user-manager · GitHub

Creator II
Creator II

Can you please provide the steps with the screenshots for these and 1 more thing is -->its the manual work right but we need this as dynamically

1) Delete the user
2) Apply -> giving the quarantine message
3) Restore the user
4) Apply!!!!
5) Delete the user
6) Apply