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Qlikview November 2018 Upgrade Document refresh issues

Hello  everyone,

Last week, a Qlik consultant installed Qlikview November 2018 on a new server to replace our current QlikView 12.10 SR8.

The directory structure is the same, so, I copied the documents and the related folders from the old server to the new one. I performed a simultaneous refresh of the same document on Qlikview November 2018 and 12.10 SR8, I expected to get the same results but,  to my surprise, I ran into some issues.

When comparing the refresh results from November 2018 against the refresh results of our current version, I found that on the November 2018 version, some charts are missing data that is perfectly fine on the old version.

It looks like something is lost or changed during the reload process but I cannot figured out what could it be. I copied a document from the old server and open under the new version without problems, all totals match, I can create another text box with the same formula and it shows the correct result, so, the syntax is not an issue. However, if I do a reload of the document, some text boxes and some charts reset to 0.

I did a search in the forum but I cannot find anything related to this problem. I did not experience this issue with my previous Qlikview updates, and I have done upgrades since version 9. I sent an e-mail to the Qlik consultant but I am still waiting for his response.

Is anyone who has upgraded to Qlikview November 2018 having similar problems?

Please advise.

Thank you,

Miguel Gavidia

Los Angeles, CA.







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Have you compared the document reload log file for the document on each server?

Perhaps there is an include file missing.

Are you using the same service account? if not, perhaps the new service account does not have access to some data.

Also check to ensure that ErrorMode is not being set to zero so you can see if a datasource is missing.

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Yes, it is the first thing I did:

 The ErrorMode is the default (1).

I also compared the reload scripts line by line, they are exactly the same. All data sources are accounted for.

I ran the reload using the same  account with admin permission setup in the hidden script.

I also made a copy of the same document and removed all security from it. The result is the same some charts end up with 0 after the reload. I hope our consultant finds out what is going on.

Thank you, very much, I appreciate taking your time trying to help.



Hi, Miguel:

How are you today?

We're planning to upgrade our qlikview platform to Nov.2018 and would like to know if this issue has been resolved?

Best Regards,
Grace Hu
Waterloo, ON, Canada


Would you be able to provide screenshots of the error you're seeing post-reload?  Are you seeing any errors in the document log?  By default it's stored in the same location as the QVW as long as it has been enabled.  If it isn't enabled, open the QVW in Qlikview Desktop and go to Settings > Document Properties > look for the checkbox labeled "Generate Logfile".  This is where I would start.  If the reload works properly on the old server and doesn't work on the new server, we need to figure out the differences between the two.

The next thing your consultant should have done is migrate the QVPR (Qlikview Publisher Repository) and made sure to change any references to your old server name are updated with the new server name, can you please verify if that's been done? See the following link from the Help site which will show you how to do this:  https://help.qlik.com/en-US/qlikview/April2019/Subsystems/Server/Content/QV_Server/QlikView-Server/Q...

Look under "Migrating an installation that uses QlikView Administrators Group" and step 5 specifically.

Hope this helps.


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