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Running Macro from QVW application hosted on Qlik Access Point

Hello Everyone, 

Hope you all are safe and doing good. 

We need your help, me and my team trying to run a macro from a published QlikView application, and that's not working.   I went through various post which explains about Ajax and IE plugins. But could not find the solution.  We are using AJAX client. I mean we are opening the hosted application on chrome. 

Please help me, how I can run a macro for example on a click of a button,  from a published/hosted QVW applications. 

Is there any alternatives or work around for this. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thank you. 

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Former Employee
Former Employee

The issue with macros is generally things are going to be run client-side when working in the Desktop Client, when you move this to QVServer/AccessPoint, things then run server-side, and in many cases, the client gets nothing back as things are run on the server etc.  Most of the APIs are not designed to work with the Ajax client for this reason, there are a few, but not many.  

I have no idea what you are trying to do, but I would look into the Actions as a potential replacement for you macro QlikView calls, if you are doing system calls, you would have to use JavaScripts etc. to do things in that case I believe.

Check from that point down, that covers all the actions and what they do, please note some are unsupported in the Ajax client too.  Best I can offer with the information provided.


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