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Section access by bookmark in Qlikview web based app


We have a generalised data for the users (say 75 users) where we can do some selections and bookmark it for each user. My question here is can we give section access to each user by bookmark in web based Qlikview app so that each user only view the bookmark they have access to in the app. If so, Please let me know how

Hope this question is clear



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I don't think we have  a way to base the section access on bookmark could create a access table base your doc access based on this user list , on top of this you could go for the bookmark selection

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Thanks for the quick response. I am bit confused here. Can you please elaborate it?

Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

You are talking about Data Reduction. Data Reduction operates along the existing table connections in your data model and starts by making an implicit selection of all values that are specified in the Section Access table for the User trying to access the document at that particular moment.

There is no way to translate bookmarks dynamically into table relations, because every bookmark translation would need a reload.

You can however export the selections associated with the different bookmarks and translate them into a set of selections in a Section Access table. However, I think this will not be easy to do, as a Bookmark can contain selections in any combination of fields in your data model, while a Section Acces table can only link to fields that are explicitly specified in your Load script or in an external data source that is loaded into the data model.


Actually we are also bit confused what your trying to achieve ....As per my understanding your trying to use the Bookmark created in the front end to reduce the data using section access , if this is the case then its not possible

Hope you got what we are trying to tell