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Set Or dependency in Qlik QMC

Hello Experts

I need u'r urgent help.I have one application .It is a dashboard.It contain's 3 source of data like BD1,BD2,BARD.So as per source I have created 3 extractor.These data are coming on different time.So my requirement is that any of data is coming first my dashboard should run.

Suppose BD1 data is coming-->6 AM ,BD2-->8AM and BARD-->10AM  so after BD1 extractor run successfully my dashboard should run.In QMC I have set dependency on all these 3 extractor.(on multiple events).User wants that whichever data is coming we should flash in dashboard.So How to set Or condition in QMC .Currently I have set these 3 extractor in trigger tab.So when all these 3 extractor refresh then application run.Do you know how to set dependency?



Rupali Ethape

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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

The Multiple Event trigger is not the right onein this case, as your users want things to run if any of the three sources complete, and Multiple Event is designed to handle the opposite, ensuring all sources have completed prior to running the application update on our side. 

In this case you want three separate triggers on the same app, one each for each data source completing instead of the single trigger that checks for all three having completed. Hopefully this makes some sense, but you can have multiple triggers on the same QVW file, not sure you knew that given how you wrote things up.  You should not need any dependencies either as far as I can gather if using separate triggers for each source if they always want the QVW to update upon any of the three sources updating.

Hope this helps.


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