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Using QMS API in QV 10 to modify CAL data

In our QV implementation we have a C# application that directly modifies the CAL data in order to manage our licenses using a metadata repository that houses all our user info, application access and licensing.  This was done in QV 9 using QvsNetRemote.dll, however now that we are using QV 10 we get the following error when we try this code:

answer.LoadXml(this.qlikViewNetClient.Execute("<update mark='' view='' level='0' stamp='' kind='CalInfoTab_obj' ident='new:' /> "));


hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character. Line 1, position 82.

Now I know that in QV 10 the QMS API is the new way to do it.  But I'm not exactly sure where to start, I've been looking into the SDK that comes with the server installs, but depending on which SR you're using, some of the files are missing.

So I'm curious if anyone else is doing something like this, and how they did it using the QMS API, or if there are any quick fixes to the old process to make it work until I can figure out the API.

Thanks in advance.

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