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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Using relative paths in QlikView Governance

Hello QlikView Gurus,

I am trying to use relative paths in qlikview Governance Dashboard User Script. My script looks like

// The path to my Governance Dashboard.qvw is \\Server1\Qv\Apps\\Governance\GovDashboard

SET GovHome  = 'C:\Qlikview\Governance1.1';

SET ProfilePath = '\\Server1\Qv\Apps\\Governance\Profile';

SET Path1 =        '\\Server1\Qv\Apps\Application';

SET Path2 =        '\\Server1\Qv\Apps\\Data';

This is ok, but i am trying to use relative paths, that i am not able to:

SET GovHome  = 'C:\Qlikview\Governance1.1';

SET ProfilePath = '..\Profile';

SET Path1 =        '..\..\Application';

SET Path2 =        '..\..Data';

Does any body know how to use relative paths in governance.....

Thanks in advance.

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It's all rea;itive to where the Qlikview file is saved.

Here's an extract from my notes ( I think it was authored by someone in the community).

Relative path means, you need to give the path based on the current path, for example if your Qlikview file and SalesData.txt file are in the same path(C:\Qlikview\Data\) then you can use

SalesData.txt no need of the remaining path.



Suppose if you want to access a file in Qlikview folder then you need to use ..\, mean that go back one folder level back.



As Peter says, yes, you can use relative paths - but it will be relative to where your Governance DAshboard is stored.

I personally do not recommend using relative paths. Instead I would use UNC paths.

So, if you ever change where the Governance Dashboard is stored relative to the  location of the log folders, the paths will still work.

I guess another reason I avoid relative paths is that I'm not good at writing them and can't tell if you are doing it correctly.

You could just create a new QlikView app in the same folder as the Governance Dashboard, set the "relative paths" checkbox, and then go to the respective folders. Then copy those paths to your script.

Master II
Master II

can u try with variables for the same,


Let vDrive='\\xxxxxxx\MirrorQlikviewProd$';

SET QVDPath = '$(vDrive)\Documents\Batch Documents';

SET PublicSrcPath = '$(vDrive)\Documents\Control Documents';


//*****Test Folder Paths*****


Let vDrive='\\xxxxxx\QlikviewTest$';

SET QVDPath = '$(vDrive)\Documents\Batch Documents';

SET PublicSrcPath = '$(vDrive)\Documents\Control Documents';