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Which is the plus of QlikView Expressor in respect to QlikView itself?

Hi all,

i am interested in understanding the plus that expressor would give to QlikView,

in order to see if it's worth or not learning it. At the moment i've just learnt

few things like how to read a file and write it as qvx file in order to read it in QlikView,

use some expression to manipulate data,etc.,but i don't see at the moment anything that

QlikView itself can't do. Maybe it's something related with moving huge files from a folder

on a machine to another place on another server,i don't know,but if you know anything

about this topic,please let me know.



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Hi Roberto,

Take a look at Mike Tarallo's post here and let us know if that answers your questions!


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Hi Roberto,

Take a look at Mike Tarallo's post here and let us know if that answers your questions!


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Ok,thanks Hugo!

I've given a fast read to Mike Tarallo's post and it seems to give some answers to my question and doubts,

but anyway it's my intention to read it better as soon as i have more time to spend on it and i'll let you know

if there is still something i would like to understand better or to get deeper into.




Hello Roberto - stay tuned as we are releasing a number of materials to support further messaging with clear scenarios, value and benefit about the product offering.

In summary here are some of the takeaways and results you could expect from the QlikView Expressor product offering:

  • QlikView Governance Dashboard - free offering - soon to be available on QlikMarket

    • Visibility into QlikView deployments - allowing overall data governance

      • Answering questions such as Who, What, Where, When, How
      • Discovering the actual QlikView applications and how they are developed
      • Understanding the source and target data and how it is being used
      • Discover which applications are the most complex
      • Data Lineage
      • Impact Analysis
      • QVD Change Analysis
      • Server and Publisher Statistics
      • Reduce redundancy
      • Increase reuse of common expressions, column definitions
      • Improve / identify areas around compliance
      • Improve / identify best practices
      • Consolidate and Reuse
      • What fields, expressions are recurring, used, not being used


  • QlikView Expressor Desktop / Server / Connector

    • Facilitates the creation of metadata-driven QlikView applications

      • Visually provision data for QlikView
      • Reuse and share common model components across all applications
      • Integrated Version control of all design elements
      • Create single definition of reusable rules and templates
      • Reduce scripting
      • Reduce development time
      • Speed up deployment
      • Can get data out of QlikView
      • Can load data to other systems - for other applications
      • Leverage high performance parallel processing engine
      • Increase data confidence
      • Increase data quality


Take a look at my latest article (Metadata in Action) for more information on this topic:

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out.


Mike T

Mike Tarallo