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2 independent listboxes for 1 field


i have a table that shows data of different products. the user should be able to select 2, so only these 2 types are shown in a table.

this can be archived by holding "strg" while selcting the products in a listbox, but is there a more user friendly way ?
f.e. one listbox, where the data is not greyed out, for each amount of products that should be shown in the table ?

f.e. listboxes "product 1" "product 2" both showing content from the listbox "products" that can be selected after each other ?

any suggestions ?

thanks in advance

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you could look into alternate states using which you can offer two independent list boxes for selection in the same field, then use set analysis to recombine selections, like

=Count({AS1+AS2} Field)

Personally I think using one list box is more intuitive for the user (since selection pattern follows Windows standard behaviour) and easy to implement and maintain.