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40 Mb file exceeds 3 Gigs on Task Manager

Hello all,

Just a quick question performance-wise.

I have a request from client to produce a spreadsheet with 18 yearly tables all filtering the data in different ways. I have a QV app with 18 bookmarks and then a copy/paste process of tables into Excel. This is not optimal and since the project and development of ad-hoc tables need to continue after my departure, I had initially chosen to try and implement 18 objects using set analysis with bookmarks (thinking it would be easier to hand-over with minimal training) and a macro doing the export into one spreadsheet.

However, this 40Mb document hangs the PC almost systematically, as when I create the set analysis charts (by about the 10th), the Task Manager shows this 40 Mb file with QV open take up 3 Gb of RAM. Initially I thought it might be the bookmark set analysis, so I explicitly stated the set analysis and... same result.

Has anyone seen this kind of QlikView "desktop" behaviour? Any explanation as to why it does this? Any workaround (apart from throwiong more RAM at the machine)?

Kind regards, Cheenu

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Contributor II
Contributor II

I'm having the same problem here, even in Expression Editor.

As soon as you type = in this expression, in a flat table with a few million lines, Qlikview uses 50GB of RAM!

This is insane!

The SQL equivalent would be:




It seems you can't rely on Qlikview to do trivial aggregation stuff.



Are you trying to create all the charts on one sheet?  Is is better if you put them on different sheets?

For the actual export process, it may be better to create one chart and apply the bookmarks in the export macro.