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AS400 : User disabled

Hello everyone,

I need your help about a problem that I have with a connexion in the AS 400 since several days.

I am connecting to the AS400 via OLEDB. When I am creating the string of connection, I tell to QlikVIew to save the password, but I have a window like this :


I have to enter again user and password.

After this, my reload in QlikView Server works during approximately 3 to 4 days.

After, without changing anything, I obtain a error like :

The userid [username] was disabled for reached maximum level of wrong password.

Do you know how can I correct this ?

Is it better to try an ODBC connection ?

I am actually use "IBM I access for Windows" for OLEDB.

Thanks for your help

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Champion III
Champion III


Try by switching it to odbc drivers.



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Ok thanks,

I will try and keep you informed.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Olivier,

I am facing a similar issue with the OLEDB connector right now, but I am not being able to configure it with ODBC. Where you able to do it?