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Access ONE document directly without going inside Access Point

Hallo QV geniuses,

I have 2 clients with only ONE file to access. The usual workflow is:

1.Client logins.

2. Enter Access Point.

3. Click on the ONE file.

As you can see, its kind of impractical to get inside Access Point when the client has only 1 file to access.

I want it to be like this:

1. Client logins.

2. Enter directly to the document.

How can I do this? Thanks a lot.

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Usually, if authentication is right in place, it's as easy as copy and paste the URL that appears when you click that app in the Accesspoint and put it as a URL for the user. Then, instead of going to AP and clicking the app, he will be direct to the one in the link.


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How do you put URL for the user? You mean you can add a URL per user? I mean where will you place the URL?


They will log in to their computers right? You can create a Windows shortcut to the app. Or if they work with a corporate intranet portal, you can set the URL there. Or a bookmark in their browsers... There are many options.

But the key thing is how users get authenticated to QlikView, and how QlikView has configured security in the QMC. Is that Active Directory + NTFS, is that a LDAP server + custom login page?

Without knowing in more detail the login flow of the users is very hard to say.


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Sorry didn't give much details:

I have 2 clients

I have made custom username/password for them because I am using DMS authorization

The clients will access the document using a browser

They will open a website, and in the website there is a login button

They will click on this login button and they will enter their username/password

They will enter the Access Point and click on the file

What I really want is when they login, it will directly open the file. Is it possible? Thanks


Yes, it is possible. When they click on the button after logging in with they username and password, they are somehow redirected to the Accesspoint, according to your scenario above.

Then instead of pointing the button to the Accesspoint URL, point it to the specific QVW you want them to open.


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But what if later on I will have another client accessing DIFFERENT file using the same login button?


If that is going to be the case, you should build dynamically that button (or more properly, the link within the button object) so you can get the user credentials, for example, and set them open the files they have access to.

However, if you have several users with access to several apps, then I don't see the need to not use Accesspoint: that is what Accesspoint is for.



If you have some javascript skills, you could modify the AP page to automatically open the document when only one doc is listed for the user. That would cover you for the eventual multiple docs.


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How I wish I have that Javascript skills. I hope someone kind enough to give me a script