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Creator III
Creator III

Adding to an Existing Qvd File and Deleting Old files

Hi Everyone,

I have read up extensively on this, but cannot seem to find a way to make it work correctly.

My problem is that i load 2 seperate files and create a single table from those two files => i then store that into a QVD file.

The next process i would like to do , is to delete those two xls files so that my employees can dump two new files there that i would like to add to the QVD file.

As far as i understand the STORE statement will always replace the existing QVD file.

My question is, is there a way to add to an existing QVD (concatenate) the data and remove the files from which the data came to allow for new files to be placed there.


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You can not remove files from within QV.

Do you have to remove those old xls files or can they be override by new one?

Then you can first  check data in current qvd based on ex.max(Date) and add new data from new xls.

Hope that make sense.

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Creator III
Creator III

The updating of the files can be done manually, that shouldn't be a problem.  As long as the QVD file stores all the data imported from the XLS files. 


If the files will be updated and you do reload the STORE function will override the current qvd with the new set.

BTW. By updating do you mean add data or delete/add  new data?

In the second case you need to do Incremental load based on a criteria.

Creator III
Creator III

Just add new data to the QVD.  What i considered doing now - is to load the QVD file into a temporary table, load the 2 XLS files into a table, and then concatenate the TEMPtable with the newly created table, and store that.  That way the store function can overwrite and always have the latest data.


Good thinking

The call that Incremental Load

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

There are various options to delete files, see: QlikTip #30: How to delete existing QVD files via load-script and here you will find various postings for incremental loadings - and the use of where exists() which is very helpful in such scenarios: Advanced topics for creating a qlik datamodel.

- Marcus