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Creator III
Creator III

Advanced Data Discovery

"How to discover your data in a fast dynamic way?"

When starting a new project. The first thing I want to do is get a feel for the data. Preferably in a fast and dynamic way. I've been using the "Advanced Data Discovery solution" for quite some time now to tackle this problem. The Advanced Data Discovery solution consists out of 4 dynamic list boxes and a dynamic table which comes in handy when modelling a project, checking data quality, testing the interaction between fields or exploring your data.


Advanced Data Discovery sheet overview

Overview of Advanced Data Discovery Sheet.PNG

Dynamic list box

Dynamic Listbox.PNG


  • Useful to check interaction between fields while creating your data model
  • Dynamic Data Discovery
  • Field statistics in a blink
  • Fast data quality checks
  • Dynamic list box


  • A script reload is required
  • Dynamic table is limited to the first 40 fields of a table.

You can find more information about the "Advanced Data Discovery Solution" here.

PS: When the link does not work an updated version of the document is waiting to be validated by a moderator.

Thanks for your patience.

Have fun Qlik'n, Koen

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

You can find more information about the "Advanced Data Discovery Solution" here.

Unfortunately I have no access rights to the link - maybe you could switch these document (from a probably private group) to the QlikView Resource Library.

- Marcus

Creator III
Creator III

Hi Marcus,

Actually it is in the  QlikView Resource Library.

I'm still waiting for a moderator to approve my post.

,KR Koen