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Ajax Trigger Failure?

Does anyone have a way around the fact that the OnLoad and OnActivateSheet just don't seem to work under Ajax? We're trying to set up variables when you load a document that changes heading colours depending on the date. These work fine in the client, and under Ajax they work fine when you hit our clear button which has the appropriate actions. But it doesn't work on the initial load. Is there any way of driving the system to make all actions fire on load? Can one emulate the Clear button being pressed?

If anyone from QlikTech actually reads these discussions, this failure on load is a potential game finisher. Client's won't accept a product that looks wrong on loading.


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Specialist III

Did you try setting the variable in the load script so that it is available for the application when opening the application?


Some options are discussed here: How to do an initial selection with Ajax and Qlikview server

One way to emulate a Clear Selections click is to use a real text box click. Create a nice welcoming splash screen that users will have to click to get to the actual qlikview app. Use that click to trigger the Select in Field actions to make the selections you need.

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Dear Both,

Thank you for your very helpful suggestions - I'll try both and get to you!