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Creator II
Creator II

Alternatives to using relative %

Hi There,

I'm trying to develop alternatives to using a relative percentage where the expression is more complicated than e.g. sum(sales) which could then be done as sum(Sales).  I've attached some scenarios where I'm trying to calculate the relative % of sum(sales)/sum(cost of sales) and match this to the values generated by Qlikview's relative %.  The solutions I've come up with thus far though are a little complicated and some require aggr which I'd prefer to avoid.

My "Simulated 1" in the attached is the most simple



sum(Total Sales / CostOfSales))

But it seems to become difficult to maintain if using a more complicated variable instead of the field (as shown in second chart).  Is there some simple way of doing this that I'm missing?


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The problem is that there is a difference between





See how there value differ. So when you use this

Sum(TOTAL Sales/$(vCostOfSales))

The denominator = 16.5033 vs. 22.84 you are looking to get....

The best way is to use your second alternative here....



(sum(Total aggr(sum(Sales)/sum($(vCostOfSales)),YM)))

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Sunny,

Thanks for the response.  I've gone with the second alternative in my charts.  This is actually for a Qliksense implementation which, very frustratingly, doesn't have an option for relative percentage.  The performance doesn't seem too bad at least.  Thanks for the advice.