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Anderson-Darling statistic test


I am searching someone that has created in a qvw the Anderson-Darling Normality test.

I am trying to create some six sigma dashboard in qlikview, but it is not supporting so much statistics functions.

Thanks for your help

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Specialist II
Specialist II

$(x) your field

N : sample size

Average :

mu = avg(total $(x))


Corrected standard deviation :

S* = stdev(total $(x)) * N/(N-1)


stantardized gap :

e = ($(x) - mu) / [S*]


Value of e for row rank N - i + 1 :

[en+1-i] = bottom(e,rowno())


A2 value :

-1 - (log(normdist(e)) + log(1 - normdist([en+1-i])) ) * (2*rowno() -1)