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Append selections instead of overwriting


I am trying to show correlation between some of my metrics and am having some issues getting exactly what I need.

I currently have 2 straight table charts.  The first chart is showing all metrics with 2 expressions.  One is showing the total population and an amount of flagged users who fit certain criteria.  I've attempted to illustrate this below:

MetricTotal PopulationFlagged Users

Metric A

Metric B2198710098
Metric C100907890

A user then will select a metric and a 2nd chart will appear

The 2nd chart is showing all other metrics that amount of flagged users belong to, with a percentage of correlation.

for instance, let's say a user selects Metric B from the table above.   I will show all other metrics that the flagged users in the table above belong to.  (I've placed the formula to calculate the percentage instead of an actual percentage for example purposes.)

I am using set analysis to get these metrics: Count({<Flag = {1},Metric = E(Metric)>} Users)

MetricFlagged UsersCorrelation %
Metric A5098(5098/10098)
Metric C9789(9789/10098)
Metric D109(109/10098)

What I'd like to do is have my end users click a metric from the 2nd chart and, instead of that overwriting the first selected metric, will add said metric to the selections. 

So if a user wants to see the details of the high correlation between Metric B and Metric C, they will select Metric C from the 2nd chart and the selected metrics will be Metric B and Metric C, instead of just Metric C.

Is this possible?  Am I even going about this the right way?

Thank you in advance.

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Have you tried using a different style of list box (LED or LED Check Boxes)


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Thank you for the reply Sunny.

I can't use LED or LED check box since the tables are straight charts with calculations.

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but there is an option in the Qlik Reference manual to add to the existing selections instead of over writing the previous ones:

14.10 Search

As an alternative to making selections by clicking values in QlikView objects, you can make selections

through text or numeric search.

Making Selections Using Search

The following section describes how to make selections using text search, and how QlikView responds to

different commands. Perform the following steps:

1. Click on the list box caption, and type the search string. The string is not case sensitive.

The search string appears in the pop-up search box. As a result, QlikView will display all the values of the

selected field that fulfill the criteria of the search string.

2. Press Enter or click one of the cells in the result to select that value. By keeping the Ctrl key

depressed while pressing Enter, the selections from the text search will be added to previous selections.

The search box will close automatically when you press Enter or Esc, or when you click in the layout. You

can also close the search box by clicking the x-icon in the search box. The search box is sizable and will

retain its size when it is opened again.

This is from page 104 in the QlikView 11.20 SR13 manual.

- Stan

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Thank you for the reply Stan, that's not really what I'm looking for though.

I want the users to select a first metric, then have the 2nd chart display metrics which users of Metric B also belong to, excluding the metric selected in the first chart.

When they select a metric from the 2nd chart, to dig into details of a correlation, that selection currently replaces the 1st metric.

So when I display a detailed chart, I want the chart to display users that are flagged in the first chart for a specific metric, and also belong to a 2nd metric.  Does that make sense?

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Would you be able to attach a copy of the qvw?