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Arranging data in a tabular format

Dear All,

As per the attachment, there are two sheets (FR & HH). This is the data for a Branch AS & this Branch field is not there in the table. I need following to be achieved with no any changes being done on to this table.

1: Need to arrange the same data as looks in the Excel tables

2: Without adding Branch code in a separate field, is there a way of showing it?

3: Without using cross table structure, is it possible to be arranged in a pivot table?


Thanks in advance


1 Reply

item2: how did you envision the branch added in your table if not a separate field?  would that be under the account type column (column A)?

item3: what does is requirement mean - that the measures will be under 12 columns (Jan - Dec)?  

why are there a lot of restrictions on the design/datamodel?  these aspects are transparent to the user and must be molded in a form that is easy to maintain, optimized for large data sets, and drives ease of building on the UI side.

Normally, Account, Branch, subaccount(your column A),and Date will be your dimensions (individual fields) and the numbers will be the measures.  a pivot table would be the simplest chart to use.

if you are unable (actually unwilling) to crosstab your data, then you can have 12 separate measures representing the months.  you will have to have the other dimensions though.  then you just sum each month as one expression and you will have a straight table with 12 expressions.  + 13th expression which is sum across months

Obviously, these will be in text boxes: