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Assign Named CAL to email Distribution List

Hi Friends,

  Can we assign an email DL as Named CAL.If Yes how can we?

For Ex : I am having a DL with 10 users

                  If i assign DL as named CAL whether is it going to assign for all the users in DL..



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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

You mean something like assign a single Named CAL to an AD Group, and then add for instance 100 users to that group in order to have them all share a single CAL? Unfortunately that's not possible.

Named and Document CALs are assigned to Named Users only, not to groups of any kind. It's exactly the same as with the assignment of Windows User CALs on a Windows Server.

In addition to that, QlikView also offers pseudo-anonymous CALs like session CALs where you can have a single session CAL that can be used by 1000 different people.