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Authentication between SharePoint and QlikView

I have problems with authentication between SharePoint and QlikView. SharePoint andQlikView are installed on the same server. When I work remotely on the server it works,but when I am accessing the page from another computer I become prompts forusername and password when I go to a page with a QlikView webparts. However, I cannot see webparts though I enter username and password.

It is set up to use only Negotiate via Kerberos and not allow anonymous access.

QlikView 10

SharePoint 2010

What have I missed?

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Hi Jakob,

I'm having problems with this too (trying to authenticate external users who aren't in our active directory) ... I've logged it as an issue with QlikTech and would suggest you do the same.  Maybe if enough of us do this they will come up with a solution!



Creator III
Creator III

I have this problem too. Please share your experience