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Creator III
Creator III

Auto Refresh Backend qvw file in Qlikview

Hi Experts,

I have implemented one dash board in qlikview, It is ready to deliver the client but here one more complex requirement is there.

What ever we implemented for that we created qvd. So now we are submitting to client that front qvd only, we are not submitting Back end Main qvw. now we are trying to implement auto refreshing front end qvds without opening back end main qvd. for that i used triggering and binary load. it is working when back end qvw file open time only if i close that file it is not refreshing back end qvw file it is refreshing only front end files only.

Because client doesn't have authorization to access back end qvw and we also will not do that task.

here i am attaching sample files

  1. Sample data with excel named as superstore
  2. Main Backend qvw named as Auto Refresh
  3. Frontend qvw named as BinSuper

In excel, I have changed/Manipulated Region names and verified but it is not read my backend file. Can any one check it and let me know where you changed.

It is working when my backend file is also open but I want in closed time also

I am using personnel edition

Please help me out from this with possible solutions

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