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Automate the load of incremental .csv files (append only)

I'm looking for advice on the best way to handle this scenario.

Basically each day I will receive a file containing updates with the same name "StatusUpdate.csv". The objective is to append (no update or delete required) and build up history of StatusUpdates daily in the dashboard. The text file contains a datestamp which I have artificially created at source and the volume of records is approx 5,000 which will be consistent going forward.

How do I best handle this as the file will overwrite the previous each time?

Example below. Source data doesn't hold status changes over time but I want to builf up the status history per Reg

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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

I would use QlikView to load and append to a QVD file, then also run a dos command to rename the source file with the date stamp to keep a history of the csv files.

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Hi Natalie,

either you store your loaded data every day into a qvd and then the next day you concatenate .csv to .qvd in the same table

either you can use a partial load using ADD LOAD but it can be a bit touchy if you involve many tables in the script

best regards


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Thanks guys... I will try both and let you know how I go.