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Average instead of Partial sum table chart

Hi guys,

Is it possible to get the average of an expression instead of a subtotal?

I can add the subtotal in my chart, by using the 'Show partial sums' option.

I now need the average. My table is the following (please find it below)
*dimension 1 = initials of employees
*dimension 2 = date
*dimension 3 = day (za = saturday)

The expression is a count of invoices they made that particular month [Count (DISTINCT Invoice)]
E.g. JCE made 14 invoices (2+3+4+5) in January.
I now want to add a line between JCE and KE that shows the average amount of invoices made:

(2+3+4+5)/4 days worked = 3,5invoices/day

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance

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If you use

  Count(distinct Invoice) / Count( distinct Datum)

you will get what you want, both in the individual records and on the subtotal line.

Further, I would define my dimensions in the script. It will be faster, and easier to read (=easier to understand when you look at them i 6 months.)

See also Average – Which average?


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Thanks for your reply.

It could have been the answer, but something really funny happens:

My original expression was [Count (DISTINCT Invoice)]

Instead I am now using
=avg(aggr(Count(DISTINCT Invoice),INITIALEN,Datum))

3invoices/4days =/= 0,60


Try this..

avg(aggr(max(Invoice),INITIALEN,Datum)) as you need take the max of each date.. this might works