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Average through the last 12 months include the selected month


i'm novice with QlikView and i need your help

In a Pivot table I have to calculate the average monthly sales for the last 12 months (included the selected month) for each hopital and for selected years as the folowinf exemple. i attached also an Execl for mor explenation


Any help will be greatly appreciated


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Master II
Master II

Try this

sum({<Date = {">=$(=MonthStart(Max(Date), -12))<=$(=MonthEnd(Max(Date), -1))"},Year=,Month=>}Sale)


for your convienience

sum({<Month = {">=$(=MonthStart(Max(Month), -5))<=$(=MonthEnd(Max(Month), -1))"},Month=,Year=>}Sale)

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Thanks for your ansewer mohit,

But ,I don't have any field called Date?

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It seems logic, but it doesn't work...ain't no mistake on the script or should i do something before to edit this expression?

Master II
Master II

in script write thishere bold Date is my field name of Date

in load script where your date field mentioned write this

date(Date,'MMM-YYYY')AS DATE,

date(Date,'DD-MM-YYYY')AS Date,

and in expression use above expression but change sum to avg

hope it helps