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Bar chart coloring scheme with a fomula

Hey Guys,

I have a small problem concerning my bar Charts, Im visualizing a variable bar Chart, that gets ist definition of the variable from a Dropdown menu. Within the Bar Chart, Im visualizing the values of a peer and a peer Group( which have been selected Prior) over the past 5 years concerning a variable KPI. This is the formula i used for one of my bar Charts: sum({<Jahr={$(vyears_1on1)},$(vscatterpeeronly)>+<Jahr={$(vyears_1on1)},$(vscatterpgonly)>}[$(one_on_one_1)])/$(one_on_one_dim_1) . My Intention is to Color al Peer bars in blue and all Peer Group bars in Grey. Therefore, I worked with the folowing formula: IF(Only({$(valternatestatepeerdia)} Firmenname) > 0,RGB(0,94,184), if(Only({$(valternatestatepgdia)} Firmenname) > 0, RGB(192,192,192))) 

Attached you will find a Screenshot of how the barchart currently Looks.

Screenshot (1).png

I would be very thankful for every single hint thats you guys can provide,

Kind regards,


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