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Bar chart showing dimension with no data

 Hi all,

I want to create a bar chart using time as dimension. However, for period beyond 2020-04 I do not have any data in my dataset, then even using a master calendar, the full 12 months for 2020 are not shown in the graph. I enabled also "Include null values". 

This is more less the dataset:



I suspect that it is not working because when filtering by Scenario="ACT" the dataset contain any data for period higher than 2020-04 even if I am using the YearMonth field from the master calendar. 



Any idea?




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Contributor III
Contributor III


I think the only option is create inline table with fields

load * inline


2020-6,       ,ACT

2020-8,       ,ACT

2020-12 ,    ,ACT


concatenate the above table to the dataset.

create 2 expressions

expression1 -     sum(sales)

expression2 -      1

now for expression2 uncheck the 'bar' under  'display options'.


now even though you select 'ACT' all the yearmonths going to show with null value.