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Bar graphs

lets say i have two dimensions Places and  Accidents

but accidents have many fields say car accident, bike , bus, .......

i want to show a grouped chart with y axis as number of counts and x axis as places and TOP THREE ACCIDENT count

thanks in advance

4 Replies
Master II
Master II


Sort Descending Y and limit the dimension in dimension limits.



Creator III
Creator III

if u want to show on every place top three accidents then put place and accidents in dimention, take count in expression and in dimension limit for second dimensio, i.e. accidents put top3.


just u want only top 3 accident count irrespecttive of place then take only accidents in dimension count in exp. in dimension limit again top 3 for accident

Specialist III
Specialist III

Try Something like this:

Sum({<ACCIDENT= {"=rank(sum(Value))<= 3"}>} Value)

Specialist III
Specialist III

please take a look at the attachment. let me know if you have any questions.