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Bookmarks in qlikview document not working for users

Hi All,

I am not aware about the functionality of sending bookmarks to users by link but got a question from a friend on this:

She sends some bookmark link every month to the users but this time the link when clicking on it does not open the bookmarked selections but the entire data is displayed, causing confusion with the users. When she opens the original app, the bookmarks are there in it.

I searched the community for such cases and got to know that it has to do with the .shared files created in the server, they are either corrupted or deleted or moved.

Can someone help me here with my issue and also about the location of .shared file in the server.

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The .shared (or .tshared) files are sitting beside the .qvws in the User Document folder.

2019-04-05 12_55_36-Documents.png


The behaviour might also be due to the fact that two different users might have access to a different set of data within the same document because of Section Access.
So, if a user select some piece of data that the other user cannot see, the selection will be null.



Daniele - Senior Technical Support Engineer & SaaS Support Coordinator at Qlik
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Thanks Daniele, can you also help me with what might have caused the bookmarks to disappear for the users and how to mitigate this?


I believe the reasoning is due to the following I found in the Help documentation:

Only available when working with a QlikView Server document. Creates a mail with a URL link to the current server document. A temporary server bookmark will be created (including layout state) and encoded in the URL. The mail recipient will be able to use the URL link to open the server document and see what you see, obviously provided that he or she has access rights to the document and data therein. A mail client has to be configured on the computer for this command to work. The QlikView Server must be configured to allow server bookmarks

The key thing above being the 'temporary' server bookmark, I expect what happened is the temporary bookmark was cleared by the QlikView Server by the time the users that received the email  clicked to use it.  I believe the default value for temporary bookmarks is 24 hours if I recall correctly.  Found the following article in the knowledgebase which indicates 7 days on those, so apologies I do not know for sure, but here is the article, and there is a link to another there that should allow you to check to see what is configured on the QlikView Server I believe.  Hopefully this helps.

Bookmarks created by Mail with Bookmark as a link...


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