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Calculate expression on previously calculated row in the same expression


I have met with a new requirement, which I need to get the input value from an input box, calculate the value of first row, then take the first row value as input to the second row calculation in expression, and third row need to calculated based on the value generated in second row and so on....

Need to calculate Jan sales value on user input, Jan Sales value is input for Feb Sales value, Feb value to Mar Sales value.

I have an input box, which getting data from users.   Eg: if user input is 10%, then calculate Jan sales value to 90% of the actual sales.

Need to take the value generated for Jan Sales as the input and calculate the Sales value for Feb.

Feb Sales value as input to the Mar Sales Value calculation.

and so on... up to December Sales.

Can you people, please suggest me, how to achieve this in Qlikview.


Nuthan Kumar

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Master II
Master II

Hi Nuthan,

You can easily do this using above function.

Say you are getting inputbox data into variable vInputbox

Then you can write your expression something like:




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Use Above function in expression of chart

Above function is used to get the previous value in chart