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Contributor III

Calendar object and input and also output

I have 2 calendar objects which is used to select a date range(user input from,to) and it displays the appropriate details in the listbox for that date range. Now if i click on a particular item on the listbox,I want that particular detail in the calendar object.How can we implement it?

Eg: Consider adata named 'A' which was logged on Jun-2010.I have selected a range from Jan 2010 to Jun 2015.Listbox displays all data in that range.Now if i select one data from the list box(A),it should display Jun-2010 in the calendar object(to).

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I'm not sure if I fully understand your configuration, but it's possible that what you're after is a field-based trigger.

  1. Try going to Settings > Document Properties > Triggers
  2. In the "Field Event Triggers" select the name of your data column
  3. Click "Add Action(s)"  button under "OnSelect" label
  4. Click "Add" (adding 1st action)
  5. In Action Type "Select", pick Action "Clear Field" & press OK
  6. In Field box specify name of your calendar/date field (no quotes, no equal signs, no brackets)
  7. Click "Add" (adding 2nd action)
  8. In Action Type "Select", pick Action "Select Possible" & press OK
  9. In Field box specify name of your calendar/date field (same as #6)
  10. Exit with a bunch of OK's

What that will do is auto-select the date(s) associated with the selected data item.