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Contributor II
Contributor II

Dynamic Filter selection to show measures

Hi All,

I taken inline load, with field Filter and values are sellin, sellout,Quantity. I taken a (Grouped)bar chart with 3 measures sum(sellin),Sum(Sellout),sum(Quantity) and Date as dimension

i taken that filter with 3 values as button. when no selection, all 3 bars to be appear in chart. when any one selected only that bar to be appear, if any two selected those two bar to be appear on the bar chart.

I write calculation condition as if(GetselectedCount(Filter)=0, or Getfieldselections(Filter)='Sellin',1,0)  works fine for single selection and no selction in filter buttons. 

Please tell me how to write calculation condition when sellin and sellout button are slected  from filter. that time user want to see two bars (sellin and Sellout Bars) on chart

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Try this

=GetSelectedCount(Filter)=0 OR wildmatch(GetCurrentSelections( Filter, '|'),'*Sellin*')