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Contributor III
Contributor III

Can I require a selection in a field with an On demand NPrinting report?

We are building some reports in NPrinting 17.3 that users will need to generate on demand.

The use case is that a Project Manager or fiscal manager needs to be able to print a summary report at the end of a month in order to reconcile the expenses on their project(s).   Some users will also want to print a report with detailed transactions but not all so we don't want to schedule it.   I want to make sure that a user has selected their own name in a filter box before running the report - is there a way for me to set a condition to check the selection count on the field before the report will generate?   Section access is not an option because users need to be able to see across all projects.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Mark, I didn't tried but maybe you can play with the "show condition" of the button -in the Options section- to show the button only when the selected user is the current user.

Using OsUser() or QVUser() you can retrieve the current user.


Perhaps another possibility is to implement section access so that the user only sees their data when in the app.