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Change Color of Chart Background or x-axis labels


I have a line chart with three different colored data lines.   See attached pic.

From 'Sept-13' onwards, I need to show a service change by either changing the font colour of the Date X-Axis from September onwards or maybe change the background colour of the chart from then on.  Is this possible?


Any suggestions or help appreciated.



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Background - not possible.

Font color - looks like not possible either.

These properties are defined per chart and don't depend on dimensions values

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Have you seen this post? 


Hi Tom,

For background yo need to change in Style tab the Area Background Style to other different than 'Minimun' (So Solid or Shadowed).

Then in the colours tab you can set the color for the Graphic Area.

For the font colour of x-axis you can change the font properties for the dimension axis:

Hope this helps

Master III
Master III

Hi Tom,

have You tried to use Colormix1() function or Colormix2() ?

You can use wizard.



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Hello Tom,

You can have the background color of the chart changed by using the "Background color option" under each expression.

To check this option see the attached image. in the definition add this expression.

if(Date='Jan 2014',LightBlue(),LightGreen()).


Shruthi Reddy


Sorry, I' didn't understand well your requirements, check attached file, using an expression showed only in the axis you can use the font color in this expression the change the color simulating the dimension value.

Probably you need an expression for each dimension, you can use GetCurrentField function to check what field is selected in the ciclic group and use conditional expressions to match the dimension selected.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Theres a neat little trick for this that we did in QS but I guess it could work in QV too

just create a bar expression, that is for say 100% after the first month that you want to highlight, hide its axes its value label and just set it so that it overlaps with each other

Juan Manuel Lopez Felizzola