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Contributor II
Contributor II

Changing the data source Oracle to Sql server

Hi Guys,

We need to change data source of existing dashboards.could anyone tel me what is the process to do that ?


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Create a new connection string to connect to the new database. And check if every sql statement still works. You may need to replace oracle specific functions with the SQL server equivalents. Your database administrators should be able to help you with this. Do that for every dashboard that will need to load data from the new SQL server databases.

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Hi Krishna,

Same way u need to fallow ODBC/OLDB  connections as it is previously.

and check for temp dashboard confirm yourself sucess then u can proceed for PRD server apps

change the $file path variable Link


if using ODBC connection then you need add a fresh DSN in the server ....

1. Create a fresh connection in the Application.

2. Check all the table structure is same or not

3. Check the SQL syntax and check whether all the statement are working or not .