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Chart accumulation with multiple dimensions

I'm having a problem with the accumulation feature in chart objects, specifically bar chart, while using multiple dimensions.  See attached .qvw.  How do we get an accumlated value on one dimension when the object has two dimensions?

I've tried rangesum() functions with a combo of aggr() and above() and below() to no avail.

I really appreciate any thoughts or direction.



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Hey David,

Please try this expression.

rangesum( above(total sum( Expression1),0,RowNo(total)))

Also check out the second tab 'Sheet 1' in attached file.

You wont get 242,480 in Bar char because you are looking at C with e and f in it.

So it will be 242480 + 169847 =  412327

If you want 242,480 then you should use Properties > Style > Grouped.



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Thank you very much for taking the time to look at this. You included some great ideas but I'm still wondering if there is any way possible to create a "Stacked" bar chart with the total values:

A - 26911

B - 109776

C - 242480

Just like this ......

2-28-2014 2-49-52 PM.png

Thanks again,