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Chart color expression - QV bug?

Dear community,

I have a problem with chart color. I can view the chart with correct multi-color in my local PC.

When i deployed it to server, some of the charts show black color for all bars.

Attached the document with 4 charts, only the last chart show black for all bars at access point, the other charts are working correctly.

Is it a bug in QlikView?

Thanks and best regards,


PS: Attached new document

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Master III
Master III

Unable to open your file

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Choo,

I think your application have section access, that is why we are not able to open the file.

Kindly remove the section access from your file so that we can check your application and try to solve your issue.


Suresh Rawat

Creator III
Creator III

Dear Choo,

It might be a bug since i had faced same type of issue(same colure change while opening the application on portal but it was correct in physical application) and i raised ticket after a week they accepted it is a bug and then send a patch file after installling that bug was removed .



Master II
Master II

Its because of FieldIndex - there is problem in some versions with the server where fieldindex returns 0 which leads to the black color in your case. Just try to use another function instead and it works fine 

Master II
Master II

Also, make sure that the Use Patterns Instead of Colours option (Chart Properties|Colors tab) unchecked for printing and screen.

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May I know how to uncheck the printing? it is in default grey color.

do you suggest any other function?

Master II
Master II

User Preferences: Printing

In the Chart Colors group, you may specify an override setting for all output from charts. You can select one of three alternative settings:

Use Chart Settings

The intrinsic chart settings regarding color or b/w will always be used.

Force Color

All bitmap charts will be printed in color, irrespective of their Colors settings in the document.

Force Replace Colors with Patterns

Chart Properties: Colors

Use Patterns instead of Colors

When printing
The chart will be printed in black and white, with bar areas hatched. If unchecked, a monochrome printer will use gray scaling instead.

On screen
Displays the chart with hatched bar areas.

these are the only ways to control the printing of charts in color