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Churn and Retention Analysis

Hi fellow QlikViewers.

Does anyone having any example documents with charts of retention analysis or churn stats that they would like to share here.

I need to create a chart showing how many customers were active on each day in a month - that is easy. I then need to show for each day, how many of those SAME customers were still active D+1, D+2 up to D+7 days after that, e.g.

           Number on Day    Day+1        Day+2        etc etc

01-JUN-2014    60                              30 ( 50% )           20 ( 33% )    ...

02-JUN-2014    50                              40 ( 80% )           10 ( 20% )    ...

03-JUN-2014    32                              24 ( 75% )           16 ( 50% )


In other words the 30 customers active on 02-JUN-2014 were only one half of those active on 01-JUN-2014. The fact that there were 50 people active on 02-JUN-2014 is immaterial for the 01-JUN-2014 retention line as some of these 50 people are new customers who were not active on 01-JUN-2014. Each date can be considered in isolation.



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You can find some examples here:

Bridge Analysis : New, Lost, Loyal customer

how to count null records

Not quite what you seem to want to do, but perhaps enough to get you started.

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